Saturday, March 5, 2011

Busy Little Greenhouse

I can't think of anything more peaceful than working in a greenhouse.  It is just something about the the smells and the witnessing of seeds pushing through the soil that creates a recipe for peace....even with  a greenhouse full of kids.  Our school's greenhouse is 12 foot by 18 foot so about 10 kids is the max we can handle and get work done.  Students will give up their recess time just to have time in the greenhouse.  I can even get them to give up recess time to clean out the chicken coop and be HAPPY to do so! 

We are a little behind on planting in the greenhouse and our garden beds.  If the rain will hold off next week, we are going to get serous about getting lettuce, radishes, carrots, and onions in our beds.  Our youngest grade in our building is first graders.  It is difficult for that age to manipulate small seeds when planting in the raised beds so I am going to experiment by having them plant with seed tape.  The older students can be more easily taught about depth and spacing so the regular sowing of seed works well with them.

Our two rabbits, Oreo and Leon,  have been roaming free in one of our other courtyards.  There are no veggies planted there but we do have blueberry bushes, jonquils, ivy and rose bushes.  New buds and growth have been popping up this week and the rabbits are reeking havoc.   Next week we will have a bunny catching class to relocate them in a nice roomy cage.  They will return back to their courtyard next Fall.    The students and staff thoroughly enjoy seeing them roam free in the courtyard ! 

We will be posting pictures soon of our new relocated garden beds !