Saturday, March 12, 2011

Seed Tape and a grasshopper

We took our first stab at using seed tape !  Our 2nd graders planted two 4 x 8 raised beds with the theme of Salad Garden using seed tape of onion, carrots, lettuce and radish.  The seed tape we used was "store bought".  Planting small seeds with a large group of children was so much more manageable and time affective!  Seed tape in the long run will be too expensive for us to purchase every year but I found a great site that gives instructions on how we can make our own.  It is a great rainy day activity and can be used to hone measuring skills.

We were blessed with sunshine Friday and were able to get strawberries, zinnias, our salad beds and sunflower seeds in the ground !  The sweetest comment came from one of our 2nd grade girls:  " I sure wish I was a grasshopper that lived out here".  It is a treat to get hear the kids' conversations with each other when they are working in the garden !